Wellwith makes it easy to find and share healthy resources and turn them into action! Instead of frantic social media feeds, it's a space for thoughtfully curated content from people and brands you care about.

We're new! So to keep things simple, we're zooming in on one practice that benefits several dimensions of well-being: plant-based eating.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Values

  • We practice a growth mindset
  • We believe in less but better
  • We are curiously collaborative
  • We love the madness
  • There's more than enough divisiveness and madness in the world already. While we consider ourselves health nuts and tree huggers, we don't need another echo chamber for people who think just like us. Rather, we're building a loving, welcoming community for people to support and acknowledge each other. Hence our logo, the universal sign of hospitality! 🍍