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🌱🥛 plant-based milk
free bottle from any store!
text “Milk” to 734-926-9178 to claim
(💚 Ripple / Califia)

(Why plant milk? 🌊 Water, for one. Dairy milk requires 6x more water to produce than almond milk—and 25x more water than pea milk!)

🌱🍔 plant-based burgers
free from any store!
text “Burgers” to 734-926-9178 to claim
(💚 Amy’s / Dr. Praeger’s)

(Want more comparisons like the plant vs dairy milk stats above? Text “Why plants?” to 734-926-9178 to let us know!)

🌱🌯 plant-based burritos
free from any store!
text “Burrito” to 734-926-9178 to claim
(💚 Sweet Earth)

🌱🍕 plant-based pizza
free from any store!
“Pizza” to 734-926-9178 to claim
(💚 Amy’s / Sweet Earth)
Brands* + Impact**
Buy any (somewhat healthy***) plant-based food from any store + text a pic of your receipt to 734-926-9178 and we’ll create your custom rewards program! 😋


(No brands… yet. Here are a few example brands + rewards…)

Ripple: 0/6 🌱🥛> free bottle!
🌎 1 bottle = 360 gallons water saved
vs dairy milk

Califia: 0/6 🌱🥛> free bottle!

: 0/6 🌱🍔> free 4-pack!

Sweet Earth: 0/8 🌱🌯> free burrito!

Woohoo! 👏 We’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption of plant-based eating and we love that you’re part of it! 😆


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* We have no affiliation with these brands, we just dig their products and the work they’re doing to make plant-based eating easier—and tastier! 🌱

** Measuring impact is tricky. We consider various factors and highlight high-impact stats like “gallons water conserved”. Thoughts on how to improve our approach? We’d love to hear them! Text 734-926-9178 or email

*** As a young company exploring how to accelerate the adoption of plant-based eating, we love your input! That’s why we’re leaving the rewards component so open—to learn which products and brands you’re buying. As you earn delicious plant-based foods, you’re helping us improve our impact efforts 🙌

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