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Wellwith is the free way to try + earn plant-based foods 🌱

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🌱🍫 Larabar fruit & nut bar (CLAIMED)

🌱🥛 plant-based milk
free bottle from any store!
text “Milk” to 734-926-9178 to claim
(💚 Ripple / Califia)

(Why plant milk? 🌊 Water, for one. Dairy milk takes 25x more water than pea milk. Check out Ripple’s site for more…)

🌱🍔 plant-based burgers
free from any store!
text “Burgers” to 734-926-9178 to claim
(💚 Amy’s / Dr. Praeger’s)

(Want more facts like the pea vs dairy comparison above? Text “Why plants?” to 734-926-9178 to let us know! 🌱)

🌱🌯 plant-based burritos
free from any store!
text “Burrito” to 734-926-9178 to claim
(💚 Sweet Earth)

🌱🍕 plant-based pizza
free from any store!
“Pizza” to 734-926-9178 to claim
(💚 Amy’s / Sweet Earth)

🌱💪 Sunwarrior plant protein powder
free in your mailbox!
click link + submit form to claim
Brands* + Impact**
Just buy any (somewhat healthy***) plant-based food from any store + text a pic of your receipt to 734-926-9178 for your custom rewards program! 😋


Larabar: 2/10 🌱🍫 > free bar!

And a few example brands + rewards…

Ripple: 0/6 🌱🥛 > free bottle!
🌎 1 bottle = 960 gallons water saved vs dairy milk

Califia: 0/6 🌱🥛 > free bottle!

: 0/6 🌱🍔 > free 4-pack!
2/6 🌱🍕 > free pizza!

Sweet Earth
: 0/8 🌱🌯 > free burrito!

Sunwarrior: 0/4 tubs 🌱💪 > half off one tub!
Woohoo! 👏 We’re on a mission to accelerate the adoption of plant-based eating. We love that you’re part of it! 😆


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* We have no affiliation with these brands, we just dig their products and the work they’re doing to make plant-based eating easier—and tastier 🌱

** We try to highlight the benefits of plant-based eating—but measuring impact can be tricky. Suggestions on how we can do it better? Text us! 734-926-9178

*** As a new company exploring how to accelerate plant-based eating we LOVE your input! That’s why we’re leaving the “Earn” component so open—to learn which brands you’re buying. As you earn delicious foods you’re also helping us figure out our model 🙌

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